De Koningshoeven Brewery, located in the Netherlands and the only trappist brewery outside of Belgium, has released a new beer. It goes by the name of Isidor, and was brewed to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the brewery. This would have been a nice fit into the previous anniversary blog, but Isidor came out just after the blog was published. Like most commemorative beers, Isidor is a onetime offering, and you should definitely not forego this one.


Isidor is classified by the brewery as a Belgian Amber Ale. It pours an oversize head that quickly dissipates into a quarter inch that lingers for the remainder of the beer. A perfect amount of carbonation is discerned from the eye and palate.   The beer is quite malty with only a hint of hop bitterness, just like a quality amber ale should be. Caramel flavors are detectable, as well as dried dark fruits. No alcohol is noticeable, meaning that this beer has a very high drinkability for a 7.5% ABV beer. A pleasant and balanced aftertaste completes the satisfying experience.


We have a feeling that this celebratory offering is going to go rapidly, as it is one of the better amber ales we have yet to encounter. Even the chief hop head of the group, who no doubt prefers his amber ales on the bitter side, rated Isidor as an A. Like we said, get it while you can: besides being a limited beer, Isidor is drinking extremely fresh right now.   Have you rejoiced with Koningshoeven yet?