November is such a great time for beer! Not only are the seasonals excellent this time of the year, but pairing seems more important than ever, whether you're looking for the perfect brew to go with your Thanksgiving bird and all the fixings, something to include in your cooking, or just looking for a hearty beer to warm you up in the cold. Check out this list of 25 great beers for the month of November. We're offering them all at special sale pricing through the end of the month. These are available at most Binny's stores right now. And be sure to mention your favorite beers for November in the comment section below.  


  DuPont Bier De Miel This Belgian ale is considered an organic honey beer and is a perfect compliment to turkey. The quintessential pick for Thanksgiving dinner. Anderson Valley Winter Solstice    Anderson Valley specifically brews this spiced winter warmer to pair with the turkeys, cranberries, yams, and hams of the holidays.   Boulevard Double Wide IPA Try pairing this aggressively hopped IPA with cheesecake or crème brulee. If you must pair it with a meat, go with lamb.   Tyranena Rocky's Revenge Only a portion of this brown ale is bourbon barrel aged, resulting in more subtle bourbon flavors. Try pairing Rocky's Revenge with an after dinner stogie, preferably on the mild side.   Rodenbach Not only is this a delicious beer with a sour twang, but it is an excellent beer to cook with. Making a vinaigrette for the holidays? It would be a crime to not consider Rodenbach.   Chimay Red This classic Abbey Dubbel pairs well with a wide range of foods. It's a fantastic compliment to beef and lamb, and can also impart it's rich, dark fruit flavors to a turkey when used for basting.   Bell's Third Coast Old Ale This intense old ale goes great with deserts like pecan and pumpkin pies.   Goose Island Christmas Ale    Many of Goose Island's beers are brewed specifically with food pairings in mind, and Christmas Ale is no exception. It goes hand in hand with meats like ham, turkey, and lamb.   Goose Island Matilda    Matilda's spicy yeast characteristics make it a great compliment to many foods, especially shellfish, cheeses, and even lighter pasta dishes.   Ayinger Celebrator Looking for something to baste your turkey in? Celebrator's rich malty flavors and undertones of coffee and dark fruit make it a perfect candidate.   Lindeman's Framboise    Make a reduction sauce with this sweet framboise for a delicious alternative to cranberry sauce.   North Coast Old Rasputin Chocolate cake needs a dark and bold beer to stand up to its rich flavors. This economically priced imperial stout makes a fine nominee.   Hanssens Oude Gueuze The obvious food to match with this sharply acidic gueuze is seafood. It works great with mussels, oysters, and butter soaked escargot. Hanssens Oude Gueuze also pairs surprisingly well with spicy crab cakes because it can stand up to ingredients like chilies and citrus juices.   Great Divide Fresh Hop    The bright, citric hoppy character of this seasonal ale is a great match for pork.   Castelain    This classic French biere de garde is an earthy, herbal delicacy with pinpoint carbonation. It is actually brewed with a lager yeast but fermented at warmer, ale-like temperatures (just a fun fact). Castelain's earthy and herbal character is a perfect match for cassoulet, a hearty stew of beans, duck, goose, garlic sausage, ham hocks, and herbs. Its a classic cold-weather pairing.   Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer    Available in a 4-pack, and also gift sets! These smooth, buttery Scottish ales are a great pair with sweet potatoes or with a creamy brie.   Flying Dog Horn Dog    The concentrated malt flavors of this big barleywine work great with lamb, wild boar, and venison. The depth and richness of the beer easily holds up to any heavy sauces commonly associated with these meats.   Ommegang Hennepin    This dry and earthy saison is fantastic with equally rustic fare. Try it with quiche or freshwater fish. Also pairs great with grilled chicken.   St. Bernardus Abt 12    Arguably one of the best beers available on our shelves. The rich, dark fruit flavors in this quadrupel ale add savory complexity to many meats, but especially with game such as boar, venison, and pheasant.   Schneider Aventinus This dark, wheat bock is versatile, but in the end pairs best with its German roots. Pork is the king of German cooking, and Aventinus is great with roast pork, pork sausages, and ham hocks.   Orkney Skull Splitter The rich, caramel maltiness and subdued fruitiness that comes from the cooler fermentation of this strong Scottish ale makes it a perfect pair for short ribs, full-flavored pork dishes, duck, and other game birds.   Sinebrychoff Porter This roasty Finnish porter is a natural with grilled beef, but also nicely compliments the smoky/sweet balance of grilled vegetable skewers. Rich beef dishes like meatloaf, pot roast, and shepherd's pie are also great balancing dishes to the smooth and roasty character of this world classic.   Tripel Karmeliet The zesty and herbal character of this tripel is a match made in heaven with wild game birds. Try adding some citrus zest in the stuffing to make the beer and food pop even more.   Brooklyn Local 1 This strong saison is full of fresh, citric, and zesty flavors balanced by earthy and tobacco notes with hints of honey. Its a classic match with turkey and stuffing, but also plays well with aged cheeses.   Deus Brut des Flandres This mildly funky and bone dry Belgian ale is our favorite toasting beer. Try Deus as an alternative to champagne for toasts at the family dinner. You'll find it packs a greater depth of flavor, and pairs well with strong cheeses.     What did we forget? Let us know with a comment! Thanks to Pat Brophy for his help compiling the list.