Looking to give something better than just a pre fab liquor gift set, try one of our top ten gift accessories. Skip the lines at the mall and let your local Binny's be your one stop shop.  

1. Craft Your Own 6-Pack - $9.99

Binny's Craft Your Own 6 Pack You know that that person who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. What do you get them? Beer. You get them beer. Not just any beer. Six different beers from our fully stocked Craft Your Own 6-Pack racks. Fully customizable. Add on a Binny's gift card so they can come back and purchase their favorites!  

2. Chilsner - $14.99

Chilsner Binny's You've seen the Corkcicle, but have you seen the Chilsner? It might be gimicky, but it will come in handy when your friend needs to keep that beer chilly at the tailgate. It is an adorable stocking stuffer. Are we right?  

3. Parlor Wine and Champagne Stainless Steel Chilling Bucket - $39.99

When you need your Champagne cold, you need it cold now. This bucket chills a bottle of Champagne in 5 minutes and keeps it cool for hours. Best part? There's no ice, no water, no mess and no need to waste fridge space on Champagne bottles. Your friends and family will love it on New Year's Eve!  

4. Whiskey Stones - $12.99 - $24.95

Binny's Whiskey Rocks Every whiskey drinker should have this, but won't buy it for themselves. What are the benefits? It won't dilute your drink, scratch your glassware or effect the flavor of that delicious whiskey. Buy one for yourself, too.  

5. Assorted Gift Baskets - $19.99 - $199.99

We did the work so you don't have to. Our selection of themed gift baskets fits the needs of everyone. Salsa night? We have that. Italian night? You're covered. Cheese night? Why are you even asking?

6. Bar10der - $49.99

Bar10der Available at Binny's The last bar accessory anyone will ever need because it literally does everything. This action packed, 10 in one gadget makes for the ultimate bartending experience. It muddles, stirs, cuts, zests, reams, opens bottles, jigs, measures, uncorks and strains. The only thing it's missing is the booze!

7. Big Swig Wine Glass - $14.99

If the name isn't a good enough reason to purchase this for your loved ones, let us give you a better one: It fits an entire bottle of wine. Best gift ever? We think so.

8. Make Your Own Whiskey Kit - $29.99 - $149.99

Make your own whiskey kit from Binny's A new year calls for new hobbies. Set your friends and family up with a new hobby that you all can enjoy. These kits are complete with everything you need to get started, plus detailed instructions. A new hobby, whiskey and fun all in one gift? Perfect!  

9. Xikar Gift Pack - $49.95

Xikar Gift Pack from Binny's The ultimate cigar lover's gift set comes complete with an ashtray, Xikar Executive II lighter and a Xikar Xi2 cigar cutter. The set is available in black or white. It's perfect for that friend who spends their money on new cigars instead of updating their equipment.  

10. Nautilus Chrome Corkscrew Set - $19.99

The ultimate bottle opener. Your pals will love you for gifting this to them. They'll never want to use a regular cork screw again.   For more gift ideas, check out our Whiskey Wishlist and other gifts.