Top 10 Cigars of 2018

2018 has been another great year for cigars. We have seen some truly remarkable sticks hit the shelf here at Binny’s and it’s time for your local Cigar Consultants to weigh in on the best of the best through a very long process of voting, counting, and well, smoking. Here are the top 10 cigars of the year brought to you by your friends from the Binny’s humidors.

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Nestor IV

#1 - Plasencia Alma Fuerte Nestor IV


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"If you're gonna smoke a cigar, why not choose one from a family that's been growing tobacco since the mid 1800's? Notes of plum. cedar, coffee and cocoa makes my mouth water. Also a hint of cinnamon and a touch of anise with an aroma that reminds me of Cuba, and a peppery finish. Plasencia Alma Fuerte is BOX WORTHY!" - Eddie R. Schaumburg

Liga Privada #9 Toro

#2 - Liga Privada #9 Toro


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"Whenever someone says to me "Benn, what's your Favorite cigar?" one cigars pops to mind for me. Liga Privada No. 9. Delivering woodsy, earthy, spicy notes with espresso and raisins. This cigar conveys a complex and hearty tones time and time again. Impeccable construction, ease of lighting and billows and billows of flavorful smoke make this a destination for me and so many others. Do yourself a favor and pick one up on your next visit." - Benn G. Naperville

Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez

#3 - Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez


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"Sweet notes of cedar and cereal grains hit the palate once you light up this Nicaraguan Puro. The perfect draw brings the burn line up past the tapered foot to a flavor of roasted nuts with a touch of earthiness in the background. The thicker gauge keeps the smoke cool and the draw stays perfect across the whole experience. Nicaraguan sweetness remains and the cigar never gets any higher than medium strength. Towards the halfway point the roasted nuts transition to a slight pepper flavor washed down by some easy medium roast coffee." - Erik V. St. Charles

La Gloria Cubana Esteli Toro

#4 - La Gloria Cubana Esteli Toro


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"A punch to the palate- not the pocketbook! This La Gloria Cubana is the first in its line to be made at the STG Esteli factory in Nicaragua. Medium to full in strength, it begins with a pleasantly dry cedar flavor interspersed with pepper spice and concludes with a bittersweet chocolate finish." - Jen C. Oak Brook

Hoyo La Amistad Black Rothchild

#5 - Hoyo La Amistad Black Rothchild


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"The La Amistad Black is the full body follow up to the popular Gold, and Silver La Amistad lines from the Hoyo brand blended by AJ Fernandez and owned by General Cigars.This deliciously dark cigar showcases its strength blended and balanced with plenty of big, bold flavors. It truly bears all the earmarks of a classic, full body Nicaraguan cigar. Already a certifiable “go-to” for many smokers, and available in several classic sizes, the 4.5 x50 Rothchild format (perfect for the cold weather) absolutely brings out the best of this blend." - Robert M. Evergreen Park

Diesel Whiskey Row Toro

#6 - Diesel Whiskey Row Toro


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"In the beginning, there are dark chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee notes as well as hints of oak, leather and pepper. Toward the middle, the spiciness fades away, with the chocolate and coffee becoming more prevalent. The final third offers some floral notes, along with the return of a taste of cinnamon." - Glenn B. Algonquin

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Robusto

#7 - Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Robusto


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"Bolder then the original Alec Bradley Black Market, the Esteli is bursting with flavor. Medium to full bodied, it's a complex smoke. Rich, leathery, subtle notes of pepper and hints of cocoa that showcase many of the great tobaccos of Esteli, Nicaragua. A great smoke for the Holiday Season!" - Kim C. Lincolnwood

Punch Diablo Diabolus

#8 - Punch Diablo Diabolus


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"Not only being from Nicaragua Estelli, but having the dynamic AJ Fernandez involved, makes the Punch Diablo a must have in every humidor. The wrapper is a 4 year old Ecuadorian Oscuro that delivers a dark, silky look. Bold flavors of earthiness, leather and spices make this "a full body rocket". It pairs well with Ron Barcelo Imperial 10 year old rum, also a must have." - Rich K. Wheeling

Plasencia Alma Del Campo Tribu

#9 - Plasencia Alma Del Campo Tribu


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"The Alma del Campo is second of the planned five-part Alma releases from Plasencia Cigars. It is a gorgeous Nicaraguan puro that lives up to its name, which translates to soul of the country. The soul of Nicaragua truly lies within this cigar, starting with complex notes of smooth spices, transitioning to rich earth, sweet cocoa, and finishing with dark red fruits on the final third. Despite being an exemplar of Nicaraguan flavor, the cigar remains silky smooth throughout and never grows stronger than Medium in strength. The Alma del Campo is a worthy successor to Plasencia's original Alma Fuerte and is sure to impress everyone from the casual dog-walker to the most ardent aficionado." - Josh C. Niles

La Aurora DNA Robusto

#10 - La Aurora DNA Robusto


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"This cigar is complex, well balanced and expertly built, with a bit of a kick to it. Savory meatiness and sweet cedar dominate, followed by notes of pepper, leather, dark chocolate and coffee, with a little creaminess and fresh bread starchiness thrown in for good measure. Medium-full bodied yumminess in this consistently performing cigar. Pairs well with Ron Barcelo Imperial rum and single malt Scotch and Kavalan Classic whiskies." - Tony P. Lake Zurich