Revolution A Little Crazy

rev-1-27-2014A Belgian-style IPA with Citra hops? We love it, you should too. Gives your party some international flair while keeping the Seattle fans happy with a punch of Pacific Northwest Citra hops. Football inspired deviled eggs are the only thing that seem right with this crazy IPA.  

Two Brothers Night Cat

nightcat-1-27-2014MORE CITRA HOPS! Another light bodied brew with a balanced hop profile. Light enough to keep you going strong through the whole game, and going through this.    

Allagash White

Allagash-1-27-2014This classic wit sets the mark for the style and pleases all palates. A sure hit for beer geeks and novices alike. If you haven't ever had it, you should. Speaking of things trying things you've never had... Bacon wrapped tator tot bombs. You're welcome.  

Great Divide Yeti

yeti-1-27-2014Made right in the heart of Denver, this massive and hoppy Russian Imperial stout is as powerful as the Broncos offense. Goes great with salt - try it with these pretzel dipping sauces.    

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

great-lakes-1-27-2014This award winning golden lager might be as close as Cleveland will get to a championship... possibly ever. It's a well balanced callback to the centuries old German style. And nothing pairs better with a German style, American brewed beer then cheddar beer weenies.  

Red Hook ESB

red-hook-1-27-2014A Seattle classic with just enough spicy, citrusy hops to balance the malty sweetness. It's been a popular craft buy since 1987 for a reason. Perfect with this cheddar bacon cheese dip we found.    

Breckenridge Ophelia

Breckenridge-1-27-2014We always have room for another hoppy wheat. The newest from Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery drinks so light and fresh that you'll wish it came in bigger bottles. It'll pair very nicely with this watermelon helmet of fruit.    

Kona Longboard Lager

kona-longboard-1-27-2014A quaffable Hawaiian crowd pleaser. The mighty longboard is known for converting fledgling beer drinkers to the way of craft beer, and it's still flavorful enough for the faithful. Works great with this Hawaiian salsa.    

Tallgrass 8 Bit Pale Ale

8-Bit-1-27-2014This galaxy hopped pale is one of our favorites, and the throwback can will make you want to break out the NES and play some Tecmo Bowl after the big game. Don't blow into the cartridge! Try it with these Jiffy Muffin corn dogs. Aren't they the cutest?  

Deschutes Red Chair

red-chair-1-27-2014An IPA masquerading as a pale ale? It's a resinous, hoppy, smashmouth kind of beer. It's the perfect beer to soak these wings in.