The Whiskey Hotline: Glassware Gifts

You have to drink out of something, right? Check out these super cool glassware gifts and gift sets that are sure to please the whiskey drinker in your life. 


Final Touch On The Rocks Glass + Ice Ball Mold

Traditionally scent, temperature, and taste were the keys to drinking scotch or whiskey. This glass brings two new elements, chilling & motion, to the tasting experience. The elegant design of the glass allows you to roll the ice ball around the ROCK peak with a simple & easy motion. 

Glencairn Crystal 2 Glass Tasting Set with Crystal Water Pitcher

We always advocate adding a couple drops of water to your whiskey. No matter the proof, it will open a spirit's aroma and reveal more complexity. From Glencairn, here is a classy and delicate carafe for your water. They're packing it in an adorable set that includes two special Binny's logo Glencairn nosing glasses. An obvious gift for all your tough whiskey drinkin' buddies. 

Glencairn Crystal Presentation Travel Box

When the Whiskey Hotline hits the road, we travel with glasses. This traveling case ensures safe travel from distillery to distillery. This is the best way to transfer your Glencairn and ensure that you won?t suffer breakage. Glasses not included. 

Glencairn 2 Glass + Bottle Presentation Pack

The perfect way to package up that bottle of Whiskey for gift giving. This box will hold a standard 750ml bottle nicely. 2 Glencairn glasses are included, and fit securely alongside the bottle in a convenient gift box. Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!