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Get In The Holiday Spirit

  Whether you're giving thanks with a spirited toast, expediting that tryptophan-induced nap, or making pinochle more interesting, you'll want to keep a few of these holiday-themed spirits on hand.   Honey, Turkey & Bourbon Honey and turkey make a great pair. That's why our buddies over at the Beer Buzzwill always recommend Biere de Miel for your bird. So why not add bourbon to the mix? Barenjager Honey & Bourbon is an easy pick, though Wild Turkey American Honey seems obvious too.   NogsAssorted Nogs Our allocation of Evan Williams Egg Nog arrived early this year. Like, middle of October early. It brought friends. The limitedPeppermint Chocolate Egg Nog puts a new spin on things – a minty, chocolatey spin. And the seasonal Apple Orchardcombines apple cider and bourbon. It's on the sweet side. Try it warmed. And for you hardened Nog enthusiasts, the Evan Williams plain Nog comes in an even bigger bottle this year. Nogtastic!   Candy Cane Vodka This one's pretty straightforward. Burnett's Candy Cane Vodka. Remember candy canes? They're back! In vodka form!   Coffeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Coffee coffee coffee... Kahlua is no stranger to the special holiday release. In addition to their holidays-onlyPeppermint Mocha, they introduced the new Kahlua Gingerbread. This adds gingerbread, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove to the iconic coffee liqueur. And any Kahlua devotee should look forward to Kahlua Midnight, the new more intense formula from Kahlua that weighs in at a whopping 70 proof. Compared to their usual 40 proof, Midnight is a heavyweight. Coming soon.   Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream LiqueurCream, not Irish Like Irish Cream? Instead of having some questionable Irish whiskey as its base, how about a cream liquer made from some of the world's finest bourbon? Check out Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Liqueur. It used to be a distillery exclusive, but now you can get it at Binny's. And if you want something a little lighter, try Whisper Creek Tennessee Cream, made from Tennessee whiskey.   Cranberries We all like cranberries, right? But really, how often do you eat 'em outside of November? So enjoy them while you have an excuse. Check out Bobeline Cranberry Liqueur. This timeless Lithuanian hit is produced from the juice of the freshest cranberries each autumn. I sveikata!   Scotch We admit this list is looking pretty wussified. Look, if you like Scotch, then Scotch is your best bet no matter what the calendar says. How about our Handpicked 18 year old Glenlossie? How about our Handpicked 13 year old Laphroaig? So many choices! Oh yeah, speaking of our Handpicked program...   Find tons more spirits news over on the newly updated WHISKEY HOTLINE. Cheers!