Check out the latest update of The Whiskey Hotline. This edition is a big deal; it's packed with info on spirits brand new to Binny's. Included:


Binny's Hand Picked Selections
{TAB}Find out which single malts from this blog post made the final cut, and will soon make their debut as 2011 Binny's Hand Picked Scotch Selections.

A Spin Around the Globe
{TAB}Featuring spirits selections from all corners of the world. 

Passing Shots
{TAB}Quick bits of news and comment.

Breaking News
{TAB}Headlines and news from the industry, including innovative products from Bruichladdich, High West, Kilchoman, plus updates on that Old Weller Antique 107 bottling.

What's Rollin' In?
{TAB}Notable new and near-future releases.


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