So the rumors are true: Binny's has been selected as one of the few accounts in the country to carry Westvleteren 12, specifically our Bloomington, Downers Grove and Lincoln Park locations.   For those who dont know, Westvleteren is a Trappist Abbey Ale from Belgium. The Abbey of Saint Sixtus makes 3 beers, 6, 8, and 12. The 12 is widely regarded as one of the finest ales in the world. Before this historic release, the only way to get this beer was to make an appointment with the monks and buy the beer direct from the abbey, in person, on the third Saturday of the month.   The abbey decided to release a limited amount of beer to fund restorations to their abbey, and as such asked certain parameters be met in dealing with this release. The first is that these packs not be broken up: They are packs of 6 11.2oz bottles with 2 special glasses. The second is that the price is consistent: $84.99 per pack. Third, we will be releasing this at 9:00am on 12/12/12. It will be a first come, first served with a limit of one set per customer, with absolutely no holds or orders.   If you have any questions, drop a comment right here.   Adam Vavrick is resident beer geek at Binny's Lincoln Park.