For many years the name Ernesto Perez-Carrillo was synonymous with La Gloria Cubana cigars and the El Credito factory in Miamis Little Havana neighborhood. Even after General Cigar bought the rights to produce La Glorias in the Dominican Republic, that little factory on Calle Ocho continued to roll a small number of cigars for the patrons that would visit it. A few boxes would be made available to retailers here and there, and I remember the frenzy the Miami made cigars would cause when even a couple would arrive. General Cigars increased production of the brand allowed everybody in the country to experience the smokes, but the goal of anybody familiar with La Gloria was to always try and get their hands on those made at the factory on 8th Street. Everybody always felt that the Miami made version was better than its Dominican counterpart when the fact of the matter was that they were actually the same cigar, just rolled in two different countries on two different scales. Could this love of the Miami made version have been the beginning of the Boutique cigar revolution back when there was no such thing as a Boutique cigar? I certainly believe so, and many others in the industry feel the same way about those first La Glorias earning Ernesto his title as Godfather of the Boutique cigar.

   Ernesto left that little factory and the brand that put him on the map to start a new venture with his son, Ernie, and daughter, Lissette. His new company, E.P.C., released its first cigar, a limited edition, in 2009 to rave reviews from consumers. He followed that first release with a Short Run line that consisted of three sizes containing exquisite tobaccos from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. This past trade show, their Core line made its debut along with a very special cigar, the 2010 Edicion Limitada.

   Every cigar that Ernesto has introduced under the E.P.C. banner has been welcomed by cigar enthusiasts with open arms. Hes doing what he has always done: producing great cigars. This time its different. This time hes making Boutique cigars with his son and daughter in an era that recognizes the term. To Ernesto, nothing has changed but the times. It is important to point out who the real Godfather of this style of cigar making is and always has been. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo.