The Chicago Tribunes beer of the month, while not really a beer at all but a cider, is Samuel Smiths Organic Cider from England. While we do agree that this is a top notch cider, we think there are a few other noteworthy organic ciders that push the envelope for best cider.   Besides those expensive French ciders, some of which are more than $30 for a bottle, the following economical and easy drinking ciders are a couple of the paramount ones on the market today.


JK Scrumpys cider is made in Michigan from Michigan apples, and follows the same family recipe used since the 1860s. The juice itself is a hazy golden color with nice head retention. The flavor is similar to sweet apple juice, with tart notes providing a pleasant pucker to the palate. At a recent beer and cider tasting, JK Scrumpys won our vote as the finest cider of the night.  Like the Samuel Smith Cider, JK Scrumpys is made from only organic materials, meaning no pesticides are used in the growing of the apples.


Crispin Honey Crisp is brand new to Binnys, and is creating a buzz with cider lovers. It is made from honey crisp apples, who many consider to be the best tasting apples in the world. The flavor of this fully carbonated cider is mildly sweet, with some yeast, fruit, and cinnamon essences. No sugar is added in Crispin Honey Crisp, as all the sugar comes from the Washington apples and from the infusion of honey. This unfiltered, unpasteurized, Crisp cider is nothing short of delicious.