Its a great day to be a beer connoisseur. While wine and spirits will see price increases stemming from the Illinois liquor tax that takes effect today, it doesnt seem as if craft beer is going to see a price hike anytime soon. That is unless the distributors decide to push the prices up (Cross your fingers). What is even better news for the beer lover is Binnys is kicking September off with The Midwestern Craft Breweries Sale, which will run through the entire month. States included feature: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


This sale is the ideal instance to enjoy old favorites at a discount such as Goose Island, Three Floyds, and Great Lakes. It is an even better occasion to take pleasure in some of the breweries newer to Binnys, which conveniently are Midwest ones. These include Metropolitan, Barley Island, and Tyranena. With so many of our beloved breweries integrated in this sale, we just cant help giving a shout out to some additional ones: Bells, New Holland, Dark Horse, and Founders, and the many other breweries included in this sale, keep up the good work!


With all of the east coast and west coast arguments as to whom crafts better beer, Id like to put my two cents in for the Midwest. Find me a better group of breweries than the ones listed above, and only then will you have an argument. So besides asking what you will be drinking this month, we pose this question: Does any region beat the Midwest in brewing quality beer?