Evil Twin Brewing, from across the Atlantic in Denmark, is debuting at many of our stores.  Evil Twin should fit in well here in the states, as they specialize in two of the most popular stateside styles:  the imperial stout and the double IPA.  While Evil Twin's head brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso's interests currently lie within this duo of styles, he is famous for something entirely different.  He collaborated with one of the famous breweries in the world, Cantillon, to create possibly the most highly regarded lambic in the world, Blåbær Lambic.


Currently the following three beers From Evil Twin are starting to pop up across our fleet of stores:


Evil Twin Yin Imperial Stout, 10% ABV


Evil Twin Yang Double IPA, 10% ABV


Evil Twin Disco Beer Double IPA, 10% ABV


Through Google translation of a Norwegian article posted on their Facebook page (they don't currently have a website), it looks as if the people over at Evil Twin actually recommend mixing Yin and Yang to create the ultimate black & tan.  We don't know about you, but this sounds like a must try for us.  What is the craziest Black & Tan you have ever concocted?