In many of our opinions, the best beer bargain in our store right now comes in the form of Mendocino Imperial IPA for $5.99. While it is true that there are other 22 oz bombers of double IPAs out there that are an excellent value at $5.99, the Mendocino Imperial IPA is $5.99 for a six pack. Mendocino Imperial IPA is the winter seasonal for the brewery, and consequentially will only be available for a limited of time. Last year this beer sold as quickly as a lightning, so get a hold of it while you can!


ABV wise, Mendocino Imperial IPA is a bit on the light side for the style at 7.5%. Citrus leads the way in this beer, with plenty of grapefruit and other tropical fruits creating a delicious fruit splash on the palate. Some grassy, floral, and piney notes are apparent, along with a fairly intense bitterness that coats the mouth. A small amount of caramel malt offers a hint of sweetness, and provides this beer with some balance. Mendocino Imperial IPA is very drinkable for the style, and is deficient of any trace of alcohol.


Mendocinos winter seasonal beer is indeed a very economical purchase, but this isnt the main reason you should dabble in it. The chief motive you should have for trying this beer is that it is lip-smacking good. There are indeed some other great buys out there, and wed like to know: What do you think the best beer bargain is?