It's no secret we love whiskey. And tequila. And gin. And pretty much anything else distilled. Spirits are great in cocktails, on their own, or even to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. Check out a few of our favorite Thanksgiving spirit pairings below and let us know what you think in the comment section or online.  

Thanksgiving Binny's


Spinach Salad & Binny's Handpicked Clyde Mays

This is how we imagine fall would taste if it were bourbon. Fat candied cherries and bright spice flavors fill your glass. There’s even a hint of citrus zest. Not a ton, but enough to get your attention. It goes perfectly with a spinach salad loaded with sliced apples and pecans.  

Sweet Potatoes & Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon

Wathen's is smooth and is full of vanilla, cherry and citrus flavors that emulate the greatness of sweet potatoes. Pro tip: Add a touch of cinnamon and butter glaze to your potatoes. This combination mixed with a sip of Wathen's will change your life forever.  

Stuffing & Bulleit Straight Rye Whiskey

This classic rye pairs perfectly with a heap of soft breaded stuffing. The spice and orange zest flavors integrate well with the herbs and spices in your classic stuffing.  

Green Bean Casserole & El Buho Mezcal

This fiesty mezcal cuts through the creaminess of the dish and matches the salty crispy onions. Add a splash of grenadine and some ginger beer to the mezcal to add to your festive meal.  

Turkey & High West Barreled Manhattan

You'll never look at pre-batched cocktails the same after experiencing High West's Barreled Manhattan. This classic cocktail aged in 2-year-old whiskey barrels has complex and intricate flavors that you would only expect from a handmade cocktail. It's a delightful treat paired with your gluttonous turkey spread.  

Pumpkin Pie & Binny's Handpicked Copper & Kings Brandy

Our Binny's Handpicked Copper & Kings Brandy is unlike any brandy you've ever had. It's candied fruit, almost pear-like character with toasted wood notes on the nose is the ultimate match to your pumpkin pie. The white grape, soft raisin, black pepper, allspice, light dry clove and tobacco characters on the palate end with a lengthy finish that veers back to the candied fruit character.   Don't forget to treat yourself to a Cranberry Cowboy while you prep your house for the big day!  

Cranberry Cowboy Binny's