Libations for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner is a marathon of decadent dishes. We asked our Barrel to Bottle podcast team to curate a list of complimentary brews, spirits, and wines including some much needed palate refreshers. For a deeper dive, we paired each recommendation with a classic Barrel to Bottle podcast episode. Let's raise a glass to good eating, good drinking and a joyous Thanksgiving!


Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut NV


This has always been one of my favorite rose Champagnes ever since that fateful day I was introduced to Champagne. What’s cool about Laurent Perrier is, not only are they the largest female and family controlled Champagne house, they are also in charge of Delamotte, Salon, De Castellane, and Oudinot. The Rose is produced through the saignee process, aged for a minimum of five years, and consistently pulls top scores from critics. Cooler still, the bottle is styled after the bottles of the 16th century. This is one of those amazing expressions of rose Champagne you can drink before, during, and after your Thanksgiving feast. I simply adore it, and I know you will, too.

Episode 14: Bring on the Fizz! A guide to Champagne


Henri Leblanc Brut

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Our value sparkler. A creamy texture shows crisp green apples and lemon zest. Bone dry yet vibrantly expressive, this aperitif will surely whet the appetite. As flavorful as it is, this brut is enjoyable on its own. With such an outstanding price to quality ratio, this is the perfect sparkling wine for large gatherings as you can confidently buy a case without breaking the bank or worrying if you're skimping on quality.

Episode 60: Bubbles for the Holidays - or Anytime


Fouquet Vouvray Les Girardieres


Vouvray, nestled within the central Loire Valley, is famous for its many styles of Chenin Blanc: from still to sparkling, and bone dry to lusciously sweet. The Fouquet Les Girardieres is a beautiful bottle that strikes the perfect balance between dry and sweet, which for me is great for a Thanksgiving meal. That’s coming from a wine lover that doesn’t gravitate towards sweet wine. It works because of its refreshingly high acidity, which counters that residual sugar and creates a wine with just a hint of sweetness. Think about all the different flavors that take shape on the table: savory turkey and gravy, sweet yams, spicy stuffing, and salty green bean casserole. The vivacious acidity will create a sensation of lift on your palate while the savory and spicy elements of your meal will mellow the sweetness a bit.

Episode 19: Terroir: How Wine and Spirits Take on the Personality of Their Origins


Domaine Lafage Tessellae Grenache Syrah Mourvedre

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Listen, you don’t want a ton of tannin or super heavy oak for a Thanksgiving meal. At least, I don’t. That’s why this GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) blend works so well, especially when Grenache is the main constituent to the blend. You want smoothness, elegance, and plenty of fruit; and this wine has it. The black fruit aromas are ripe and jammy, but not overly so. On the palate, it’s round and rich, which works well with the heavier dishes usually found on the Thanksgiving table.

Episode 17: Wine About the Weather: Great Wines That Pair Perfectly with Winter Fare


Clark & Sheffield Legacy Red

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This red blend is a knockout! A juicy, fruit forward blend crafted with grenache, syrah and mourvedre. Light bodied with a super-smooth structure that offers vibrant flavors of cherry, raspberry, and chocolate with a long, fresh finish. The perfect go-to red and a superb value.

Episode 46: California Wine with Benziger and Concannon


Frog’s Leap Zinfandel

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I talk a lot about how Thanksgiving is an all-American Holiday and it’s great to drink domestic wines to celebrate that fact. I feel lucky because we make delicious, world-class wines in our country. Rarely do I celebrate this glorious day of eating and football without a few selections from the land of the free and the home of the brave. So, this year, I’m pouring Frog’s Leap Zin. Zinfandel is considered California’s ‘own’ grape and is not found in very many places outside the US. Zinfandel works for Thanksgiving because it’s fruity with super-smooth tannins. Zin’s bold flavors demand flavorful foods - enter the Thanksgiving feast! To make things even better, Frog’s Leap is a super cool biodynamic producer. This wine will not disappoint.

Episode 26: David Guffy of Hess Collection on His Love of California Wine




FEW Breakfast Gin


Even in cooler weather, gin can shine. Earl Grey tea is the star of the botanical show here, and the spicy floral quality it adds to FEW’s citrusy gin gives the spirit depth and a touch of a savory character that pairs best with sweater weather. Just add lemon juice and honey syrup for a classic Bee’s Knees.

Episode 25: the Wide World of Gin with Scofflaw’s Danny Shapiro


Pierre Ferrand Reserve Double Cask


Proof that there are still great deals in Cognac! Ferrand Double Cask comes to us from the Grand Champagne cru, which produces delicate Cognacs that display extraordinary finesse. Sweet oak and dried apricots greet the nose, backed by a supple palate that doubles down on the dried fruits and finishes with a gentle oak spice. This Cognac is a blend of 10-20 year-old eaux de vie finished in a Banyuls cask. Hard to believe a Cognac of this age and complexity is only $75.

Episode 5: Meet Master Sommelier Fernando Beteta


Copper & Kings Pear Brandy Binny's Handpicked Barrel


Fall means orchard fruits, and this pear brandy delivers the goods. Sweet, ripe pear meets spicy oak at a mixology friendly 104 proof. Try it with a bit of rye whiskey as a take on a classic Stone Fence or just with some warm cider. Copper and Kings are cranking out some seriously good oak-driven brandies, and this was an easy barrel to say yes to.

Episode 30: On the Road at World of Whiskies 2018


Amaro Montenegro


If you don’t want to sink into the couch for hours after your Thanksgiving meal, give amaro a try for dessert! Amari are bittersweet Italian liqueurs traditionally consumed as a digestive aid. Montenegro is a medium style amaro, meaning it’s not too bitter, too sweet, nor too heavy. Just right if you’re starting down the path to pleasant digestion. Orange peel and vanilla are the dominant flavors with some vegetal notes, baking spices and gentian in there as well. Enjoy a glass on the rocks with a citrus twist. You’ll be ready for round two, or three.

Episode 10: The Incredible Word of Mezcal



Alaskan Amber


The flagship in Alaskan’s award-winning portfolio of beers, this signature amber takes inspiration from a 19th Century Alaskan Gold Rush era brew. Rich and malt forward, but with just enough hops to keep things perfectly balanced. This remarkably food friendly brew will pair wonderfully with almost everything on the table. You can even try mixing a little into the gravy for some added depth of flavor.

Episode 16: Barleywine and a Cold Weather Beer Survival Guide


Tripel Karmeliet


Light in body, yet high in alcohol, the best Belgian tripels are paradoxically both rich and refreshing. When it comes to tripels, Tripel Karmeliet is hard to beat. Estery and aromatic, its pillowy soft foam is floral and herbaceous, accentuating a fruity sweetness and spicy finish. It pairs wonderfully with salads and veggies, and its Champagne like effervescence leaves the palate fresh and clean.

Episode 11: Unraveling the Monks’ Secrets to the Perfect Lambic Beer


Deschutes Fresh Haze

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Hazy/New England IPAs are often described as looking, smelling and tasting like orange juice. Deschutes Fresh Haze checks all those boxes. This isn’t merely unfiltered Fresh Squeezed. Creamier, less bitter and showcasing a different lineup of hops (Mandarina, Amarillo and Simcoe) – it’s hard to believe there’s no actual fruit juice in this can. Its vibrant citrus flavor pairs especially well with cranberry relish and sweet potatoes.

Episode 4: Explaining Scarcity in Beer, New England IPA, and more...


North Coast Cranberry Quince Berliner Weisse


Bone dry Berliner Weisse is often ordered with a shot of fruited syrup, which adds color, flavor and a soft finish. In the spirit of this tradition, North Coast’s Cranberry Quince cuts to the chase, infusing pear and apple aromatics with mouthwatering lactic acidity. The combination of fruity cranberry and tangy quince results in a paradoxically opulent, yet snappy beverage that evokes Champagne and classic cocktails. A unique conversation starter that will enliven and refresh your guests’ palates.

Episode 7: A French Press, An Imperial Stout, and Infusing Beer at Home


Vander Mill Totally Roasted


How about a break from beer? Vander Mill uses handmade cinnamon roasted pecans and whole vanilla beans to create this one of a kind hard cider. Sweet spice and vanilla pair perfectly with bright apple notes, and the pecans impart some body and a subtle nuttiness on the finish. A perfect partner for any number of harvest dishes, especially sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Episode 21: Move Over Beer, Cider is Here!


Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout


Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout is a now iconic American take on Russian Imperial Stout. Jet black in color, its complex finish combines the flavors of dark fruit, roasted malts and rich dark chocolate. Brooklyn’s brewmaster Garrett Oliver is revered for his masterful pairing of beer and food and he suggests you serve this decadent stout with chocolate desserts, ice cream and cheesecake. We think it also pairs quite nicely with a big slice of pecan pie.

Episode 52: Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery