Thanksgiving Beer Pairings 

  Stone Brewing Binny's

Deviled Eggs

Stone’s Go To IPA is our go to choice because of its crisp, light and refreshing flavors. The bright hoppy character gives pep to that paprika. Try this eggceptional tip: Add blue cheese to the yolk mixture. The rich earthy flavor and bold cheese pairs perfectly with this bright hoppy brew.   Rodenbach Binny's


Turkey is the showpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, but what would it be without the gravy? After a few bites, you need something with acidity to cut through that river of gravy and a Flanders Red Ale will do just that. Beginning with a touch of sweetness, it quickly delivers a bold lactic tartness that will cut through even the richest gravy and refresh your palate. We offer many great choices of this style, but it’s hard to beat the classic Rodenbach, whose bright fruity aroma and notes of cherry and raspberry compliment the turkey perfectly, not to mention the cranberry relish.   Big Sky Brewing Binny's


A nice hearty stuffing full of herbaceous goodness calls for a malty brown ale like Big Sky’s Moose Drool, and it's one seriously good beer. Not overly hoppy like some American brown ales but not too sweet either. Moose Drool is malty, creamy and pairs wonderfully with rich savory stuffing.   Crispin Hard Cider Binny's

Sweet Potatoes

For a refreshing change of pace, try pairing your sweet potatoes with Crispin’s The Saint Cider. The Saint’s unique blend of fresh pressed apple juice and maple syrup pairs seamlessly with sweet spices like allspice, cinnamon and clove. Also, serving cider at Thanksgiving is quite appropriate as it was wildly popular amongst early American settlers and many historians believe it was served at the earliest Thanksgiving celebrations.   Boulevard Brewing Binny's

Mashed Potatoes

Buttery mashed potatoes call for a brew that can cut through the richness, especially if you like yours smothered in gravy. Saison to the rescue. Light, spicy and effervescent, Boulevard’s Tank 7 is delicate enough that it won’t overpower the potatoes and the vigorous carbonation will help scrub your palate clean.   Ayinger Binny's

Grilled Vegetables

The perfect char adds a smoky goodness to your veggies and German doppelbock delivers waves of malt richness that work perfectly with grilled meats and veggies alike. When it comes to doppelbock it’s hard to beat Ayinger’s Celebrator Doppelbock. The smokiness of the vegetables melds effortlessly into caramelized malt and roasted barley. Celebrator finishes with a nuttiness that makes for a nice accent much like slivered almonds atop green beans or asparagus.   Tripel Karmeliet Binny's

Green Bean Casserole

This American classic calls for a Belgian classic, Tripel Karmeliet. Belgian tripels are light, fruity and herbaceous and Tripel Karmeliet is arguably the best of the best. Lively carbonation helps cut the heaviness of the mushroom soup and the peppery Belgian yeast seasons the oniony green beans marvelously.   Avery Brewing Binny's

Cranberry Relish

For those of you who make your own fresh cranberry relish, we salute you. If you’ve never tried it, it’s the fresh citrus zest that really makes it special. With that in mind, we suggest you pair this one with a Belgian style Wit like Avery’s White Rascal. Brewed with orange peel and coriander, this light refreshing beer won’t fill you up and will play well with your cranberries, even if they are from a can.   AleSmith Binny's

Pecan Pie

Something as sweet and rich as pecan pie needs a big beer to match, and Alesmith’s award-winning Wee Heavy is aptly suited for the challenge. Layers of malt complexity bring about flavors of toffee caramel and chocolate. With a subtle hint of smoke on the finish, Wee Heavy and pecan pie filling create a magical flavor combination reminiscent of candied bacon.   Lindemans Binny's

Chocolate Desserts

The sweetness of Lindemans Framboise paired with just about any chocolate dessert is perhaps the biggest no-brainer on this list. The sweetness will rival and complement any chocolate dessert, no matter how much sugar grandma uses.   Check out the Beer Buzz for more updates on new products, events and beer news.