Why do we love pisco? We love the freshness and mixability of this world-class spirit. And one of our absolute favorites is Pisco Porton, one of Peru's premium piscos. Here is your chance to learn more about this handcrafted pisco and meet one of the foremost pisco authorities in the word, Porton Master Distiller Johnny Schuler.  

Binny's Lincoln Park Tuesday, Dec 10th 4-7 pm


Johnny Schuler

  More info about Johnny Schuler via Porton:     "One of the foremost pisco authorities in the world, Johnny Schuler has dedicated much of his life to setting the standards for excellence in the pisco industry and revitalizing interest in Peru’s native spirit. As a pisco ambassador, he has traveled extensively in Peru and around the world educating spirits industry professionals and the public alike about the culture, heritage and craftsmanship that makes pisco unique.   "Mr. Schuler’s passion for pisco was first piqued in 1977 when he was asked to be an impromptu judge at a pisco competition. At the time, he was a well-established chef and restaurateur in Lima with a great appreciation for fine wines, but knew very little about pisco. Nevertheless, when the other judges became too tipsy to carry on their duties, his discerning palate was called upon. After sipping some 80 different varieties of the spirit, he was totally surprised to find that pisco could be so diverse and have such robust and complex flavor. From there on, he dedicated himself to learning everything he could about pisco and came to be one of its greatest advocates."  

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