We've been ranting over on The Whiskey Hotline for a while about the greatness that is Leopold Bros. We offer a good selection of the Leopold portfolio - from their whiskies and white spirits to some of our guilty favorites - their delicious fruit liqueurs.   Now we're excited to host one of the Leopolds in person at our South Loop location. Scott Leopold is bringing a grab bag of some of his fine spirits with him, and will shake hands and pour samples:    

Leopold Bros Meet & Greet & Taste with Scott Leopold Binny's South Loop Friday, July  27 5-8pm

    Scott Leopold cut his teeth in the manufacturing business, specializing in environmentally sustainable processes. He's the one on the right, in the polo. His commitment to the environment carried over to the creation of the Leopold Bros' Denver distillery. With Scott's emphasis on manufacturing, combined with his brother Todd's brewing and fermentation experience, Scott designed and developed a distillery with a focus on creating delicious, complex and earth-friendly spirits. Be sure to stop by, say hello, and taste some amazing stuff.