New to Binny's, here is a line of infused tequilas that  that are actually pretty good: Tanteo.

   Tanteo starts with blanco tequila from 100% blue weber agave from Jalisco, which is "hand infused with fresh, all-natural ingredients." The result is quality tequila that shines through the flavors instead of laying down to them.

   The market is pretty saturated with flavored vod... er ... spirits right now, but it's cool to see some with fresh flavors and actual spirit character that act as more than alcoholic flavores syrups. Tanteo comes in three flavors:


Tanteo Jalepeno

   This seems like the most intuitive of the Tanteo lineup. We've seen jalepeno tequila before, and it always adds an interesting kick to tequila-based cocktail recipes. This might be the best pepper tequila I've tasted. The Tanteo's peppery heat doesn't really kick in until the back of the spirit, and it's more than just heat. There's a really nice fresh jalepeno flavor all the way across.

   Cocktail ideas: Tanteo Jalepeno is great in a Bloody Maria, just use it instead of vodka in a bloody mary. Just don't add the hot sauce until after yourfirst sip. Another slam-dunk is mixing up fresh margaritas (tequila, orange liqueur, and freshly squeezed lime juice over ice) with Tanteo Jalepeno to add a spicy heat behind the sweet liqueur and sour lime. Sounds weird, but it's super good. Otherwise, use Tanteo Jalepeno any time you want to add a little spice to your tequila drink without that gross hazy red you get with hot sauce, and a little less heat.


Tanteo Tropical

   You know ... "tropical." All those weird fruits that you can't really name (like guanabana) that add up to an immediately recognizeable "tropical" fruit flavor. It's not all fruity and innocent, though. Tanteo Tropical includes some jalepeno in this mix to spice things up, and it's noticable, especially toward the finish.

   Use this one when you need tropical fruit flavors, or to add a fun tequila dimension to "dirty up" drinks where you'd usually use citrus vodka. This would be great in margaritas as well.


Tanteo Cocoa

   Not the "chocolate cake frosting" that seems to be all the rage right now. Tanteo Cocoa actually smells and tastes like dry cocoa powder. The hook here is mole that delicious cocoa-based sauce that I get on enchiladas that make me feel guilty for eating dessert for dinner. And who wouldn't want a mole cocktail?

   This flavor is sort of a catch-22: The cocoa is delicious and makes the most interesting of these offerings. It's the best for sipping, but cocoa tequila just isn't on the top of my list of sippables. It seems like the least intuitive to include in cocktails. The jalepeno is easy there are tons of drinks that could use a spice & tequila kick, but I can't think of many where I'd add cocoa & tequila. Best mixing ideas: Mexican Mudslide or coffee-based drinks. Check out some crazy experimental cocktails in the links below. Be sure to at least try the cocoa flavor; it is a unique experience.


   You'll find a ton of cocktail recipes featuring Tanteo here and here and here.

   The Tanteo lineup is currently only available at four Binny's locations Lincoln Park, South Loop, Lakeview and Highland Park.