Robin Hood and his gang are infiltrating Binnysin the form of beer. Sherwood Forest Brewers is the latest brewery to join the ranks of Binnys ever expanding beer portfolio. Hailing from Marlborough, Massachusetts, Sherwood Forest Brewers will feature four flavorsome brews at Binnys. Each six pack will retail at $8.99, and, when compared to some other six packs, can be considered stealing from the rich.   First up in the Sherwood Forest Brewers line is Maidens Blueberry Ale. If fruity beers are your style, then this one is for you! Big blueberry essences and flavors on the nose and palate coincide with pale malts. This one is not overly sweet and overboard like a number of fruit beers, and has a pleasant dry finish. If your are a fan of beers like Wild Blue or Seadog Blueberry Ale, then Maidens Blueberry Ale should be all over your radar.   The next beer in the Sherwood Forest line is for the hop heads. Sheriffs India Pale Ale, named for the "devious fellow with a certain affinity for women and hops," is obviously named for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Perhaps on the sweeter side for an IPA (due to its decisive malt backbone), Sheriff India Pale Ale still contains tangy and citrusy hop flavors. A definite must try if you are an IPA junky.   Friars Belgian-Style White Ale is the next offering served up from Sherwood Forest. If you are a fan of wheat, cloves, coriander, Belgian yeast, citrus, etc. then this one is for you. Beers like Allagash White, Blue Moon, and Hoegaarden can be classified alongside this light Belgian style beer. Now is the perfect season for this easy to drink summer sipper.   Last but not least is Archers Ale, obviously named for Robin Hood. The Flagship beer of Sherwood Forest Brewers is an English Style Pale Ale. Plenty of sweet and caramel malts dominate this brew, but it does have enough hops to result in a finely balanced beer. This full bodied local favorite is another relatively easy drinker, and an admirable example of the style.   Despite what some may consider gimmicky names, the Sherwood Forest beers are absolutely worth a shot. They are slowly making their way into Binnys, and are not available at all locations yet. The reason for this is that they are distributed by one of the smaller distributors around, and consequentially, our in store beer buyers may only see them monthly instead of weekly like the bigger distributors. If you are wondering if your local Binnys has the Sherwood Forest Beers in yet, please email Will you be stealing from the rich and giving to the poor anytime soon?