One of the tastiest imperial stouts in the world, as well as one of the rarest, will be tapped at our Binnys South Loop bar at 3 p.m. this afternoon.Starting today Surly Darkness will be unleashed on the lucky bunch that makes the trek to our South Loop store.Darkness will only be available for a limited of time, due to the rarity, popularity, and caliber of the beer



Darkness takes its name from the impenetrable midnight black color it pours into the glass.It has an enticing tan milk chocolate head.Darkness harnesses everything you look for in a world class imperial stout:coffee, chocolate, molasses, vanilla, dark fruits, and many other complex aromas and flavors.An alcohol presence is non existent for the most part, making this one of the easiest drinking 10%ABV beers we have yet to encounter.



According to, Surly Darkness is the 12th most excellent beer in the world. We would have to agree, as Darkness is quite possibly the finest thing we have ever experienced on tap. Dont miss your opportunity to sample one of the finest beers on the planet at Binnys South Loop.  What is the best beer you have ever had on tap?