Surly at Binny's? Yes.   I have personally done like three beer trades in my whole life. And at least two of them were to get Surly. Because Surly. One time I slept for three hours in a tent on a 34 degree night to get Surly. You know the one I mean. So I got excited when I heard that Surly is indeed coming to Chicago in a full-time, everyday availability sort of way.   Which Surly? Furious. Hell. Cynic. Overrated. Bender. Coffee Bender.  

Surly Beer

  Which Binny's stores? All of the Chicagoland locations. Sorry Bloomington and Champaign - maybe soon, but not right now.   When will it arrive? As early as tomorrow at some Binny's locations, and everywhere else by the end of next week. Don't worry, there should be plenty to go around. Do we know which stores, when, exactly? No.   Where in Binny's? You'll find Surly in the beer cooler. We're keeping it cold.   Will we ship Surly to you in New Jersey? No.   Now, a picture of a guy trying to hide his beer gut wearing a Surly tee.  

Actually it's me. That's my basement.