With temperatures above 90 degrees, now seems like a good time to discuss options from our beer aisles for the summer beer season. Here are three selections that give craft beer drinkers some variety not only in flavor but also in packaging.   "Refreshing" is always one of the buzzwords when talking summer options. However, you also need a beer that is flavorful and light and able to quench your thirst. That is all you need for the onset of summer. And a little sunscreen couldn't hurt either.   Victory’s Summer Love proved to be a very interesting option. It is floral - not only on the nose but also at first taste. The flavor itself is soft with an interesting mix of sweet and tart, with a gumdrop coming to mind as the closest experience. The beer is classified as an American Blonde, but there is a bitter orange hop profile on the finish, along with a hint of malt. Pairing this with seafood would be the kind of marriage everyone could agree on.   The next two options are packaged in both cans and bottles. Craft beer is trending toward cans this summer, offering a considerably larger palette if you're going to the beach, a picnic or the golf course.   Breckenridge’s SummerBright is classified as a pale wheat. It certainly displays that grainy profile, showing lemon and citrus, with a salty/savory finish that makes me instantly hungry for chips and a large bowl of salsa. It stays true to summer form with a light, effervescent body that would easily result in a repeat drink.   For our store, the early winner so far has been the cans of Brooklyn Summer. After tasting it, it makes perfect sense. You get some mild bitter flavor right off the bat, with a dry, subtle note of blueberries, followed by lemon and floral notes before a crisp, clean finish. This would be a great fit for tailgating, pulling something off the grill or complaining about the humidity.   The summer season is just heating up and the options are here for flavor and refreshment. Even if you haven’t tried them before, take a chance, you won’t get burned. That is what the sunscreen was for.