Beer drinkers know that the biggest beer drinking holiday, St. Patricks Day, is rapidly approaching. What a perfect time for Binnys to introduce The Strangford Lough Brewing Company to our shelves. Strangford Lough hails from Killylwagh, Northern Ireland. The brewers from across the pond have brought two beers with them, Legbiter and St. Patricks Best Ale. We had a chance to try these two Irish brews last night.


First up for us was the 4.8% ABV Legbiter, named for King Magnuss sword. The nose was loaded with caramel malt and hints of citrus from the Cascade and Glacier hops used to craft this delectable brew. The taste of this full bodied beer was all about the sweet caramel malts. Hints of toffee and fresh fruit came together nicely in the background. There was a slight dry hop bitterness on the finish. This was a smooth, easy drinking Irish beer.


The 4.2% ABV St. Patricks Best was next up, and poured a much lighter copper color than Legbiter. The aroma and taste of St. Patricks Best was very similar to Legbiter, except toned down a bit. Caramel malt was all over the palate with an apple and pear type fruitiness lurking the background. The finish was sweet and refreshing with only the slightest hint of hops. St. Patricks Best was light bodied, and extremely drinkable.


When you are doing your St. Patricks Day shopping, be sure to throw a six-pack of one of these delicious brews in your cart alongside the Guinness, Harp, and Smithwicks. They are both refreshing and tasty, and their Irish roots are perfect for the upcoming holiday. What will you be drinking on St. Pattys Day?