Could there possibly be a better way to kick off craft beer month at Binnys with not only Larry Bell appearing at our South Loop store tonight, but with the arrival of the long anticipated Stone Brewing Co.?  The beers listed below began to hit our stores today, and should be in all of them by this Saturday.  They are also all on sale for the entire month of April, as is every craft beer found on our shelves.


-Arrogant Bastard

-Oak-Aged Arrogant Bastard

-Stone IPA

-Stone Ruination IPA

-Stone Smoked Porter

-Stone Sublimely Self- Righteous Ale

-Stone Pale Ale

-Stone Levitation Ale


Come join Binnys on Monday, April 5th from 5:00-7:00pm in our South Loop Tasting Room as we give a long awaited welcome to Stone Brewing Company into the Chicago market.  Greg Koch, Co-Founder and CEO along with Arlan Arnsten, VP of Sales will be here to help us tap our impressive 8 beer line up of some of Stone's finest brews, including: Stone IPA, Levitation Ale, Stone Pale Ale, Smoked Porter, Arrogant Bastard, Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard, Stone Vertical Epic Ale 08.08.08 as well as Vertical Epic Ale 09.09.09. Don't be surprised if they bring a few more draft selections with them! We are offering a special release package: $25 will guarantee your admission and get you a Stone Brewing Company pint glass, T-Shirt and your first pint of IPA, Pale Ale, Smoked Porter or Levitation Ale. Packages and seating is limited. Reservations are required. $25 for Binny's club members/$35 non-members.  Call (312)768-4400 or email for reservations.


Which beer from Stone Brewing Co. are you looking forward to most?