Last week Stone Brewing Co. brought their 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA to Binny's.  The beer uses all British ingredients, but don't be fooled:  it is 9% ABV, and incredibly hoppy.  The brewers at Stone Brewing Co. had a traditional British style in mind when brewing this beer, but Emperial IPA definitely has a San Diego-touch to it.


Another IPA is always exciting, but this week Stone Brewing Co. is bringing some beers to our stores that probably trump their debuting IPA. Fifteen of our stores will have vintage Stone Brewing Co. beers available.  This week you will be able to purchase 2008, 2009, and the current 2010 vintage Stone Russian Imperial Stout and Stone Old Guardian Barleywine. 


Be warned though, these aged Stone Brewing Co. products are in short supply and high demand.  If you wish to acquire these vintage beers with someone else putting the time in to age them for you, act soon.  If you want to see if your store local Binny's has any of the above mentioned Stone Brewing Co. beers in stock, email