May is French Wine Month - as always, check out our special sale pricing and upcoming events. Over the coming weeks, Binny's is hosting a chain-wide series of special Beaujolais tastings, in addition to the usual diversity of events, so be sure to check that out.   You may have seen my previous blog entry on rose here. Since it's still spring (we're starting the planting for our first garden this weekend!), here are notes on a few fantastic roses I tasted, this time all French, and all great values.   2008 Domaine les Aphillanthes Cotes du Rhone Rose 9.99

A good pink color. The nose is interesting; perfume and fruit and sugar-free candy. On the palate, the wine shows the usual fruits in arose watermelon, cherry, strawberry supported by a lifting minerality. Good!   2008 Chateau Morgues du Gres Les Galets Roses 10.99 Sugar on the nose, like cotton Candy. Also subtle notes of pear and flowers are very pleasant. The wine is stony, with a layer of fruit inthere with a flinty quality and some acidity.   2008 Chateau Morgues du Gres Fleur d'Eglantine Rose 9.99 A funkiness, in a good way, on the nose. Something like mushroom?Mellow on the palate, good and soft all the way to the finish. More elegant butsoft, less flashy.