It is almost November. For us in the business of selling wines and spirits and beer, this is the season where we get geared up for the holiday sales crunch. For you the enthusiast, it means tons of tastings opportunities to try the latest and greatest in the world of the liquid arts. Here's the obligatory plug: check out upcoming events at a Binny's Beverage Depot near you on our events page.

 I hope that you attend all the tasting events you can, and I hope you taste every single wine (or spirit or beer) you want. And of course, I hope you find lots of new favorites. Here is my one piece of advice: 



 I know it might seem weird, an alien concept, but trust me. Spit.

 Some days, I'll taste as many as thirty wines. If I didn't spit everything, I would be a sluggish mess by noon. The same is true for any big tasting. At a scant one ounce pour, drinking twenty five samples is the same as slamming a bottle of wine. 

 Don't worry about your spitting technique or precision. I have this ceramic coffee mug on my desk, my permanent spit cup. It gets messy sometimes, and I'm a pro. Just lean over the spit bucket and let it drop. Napkins help, too.

 You'll get better with practice, it will feel less weird, your mind will stay sharp. And you can always grab a glass or two of your favorites when you've tried everything first.


 Not beer, though. When you taste beer, you have to swallow.