Sorachi Ace is not only the name of the latest Brooklyn Brewery beer to hit our shelves; it is the name of a rare Japanese developed hop.  Presently Sorachi Ace hops, which are a cross between British Brewers Gold and Czech Saaz hop varieties, are only grown on a single farm in Oregon.  The result of this union is Sorachi Ace hops, which are celebrated for their lemon zest and lemon grass aromas.  While some may expect a beer that is named after a hop varietal to be a bitter IPA, Brooklyn has decided to use their bounty of the scarce hops to fashion a saison. 


Upon further thought, it makes sense for Brooklyn to craft a saison using this hopafter all some of our favorite saisons, such as Ommegangs Hennepin, are celebrated for their lemon zest and lemon grass characteristics.  Sorachi Ace (the beer) fits this profile:  it is pulsating with a lemon citrus aroma, backed up with some herbal spices and yeast.  The flavor is packed with more lemon, spice, and a bit of that funk that seems like a staple for saisons. The finish is mildly bitter but extremely refreshing.  There is absolutely no alcohol presence, despite Sorachi Ace (the beer) clocking in at 7.6% ABV.


Due to the uncommonness of Sorachi Ace (the hop and the beer), it is presently only available at three of our city stores:  South Loop, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park.  We will keep our fingers crossed for our other stores, but unless Brooklyn Brewery gets their hands on more of the limited lemony hops, it looks like this is it for now.  Have you ever tried a beer infused with Sorachi Ace hops?