June 21st may have been the longest day of the year, but there are many more sunny and warm days ahead of us. From refreshing whites and roses to reds fit for grilled meat, the wines below are especially well-suited for the summer months.  

Summer Solstice


2015 Bodegas Borsao Rose

For the red wine lover seeking a cooler alternative. Comprised largely of grenache and cultivated in the hot, dry summers of Spain, the Borsao rose packs a wallop of flavor for the price. Overflows with red orchard fruits, as well as watermelon in the finish. Buy this one by the case and enjoy it throughout the summer months!  

2014 Burgans Albarino

Here's a a stunning white wine at a price that's easy to swallow. At $11.99 a bottle, it’s almost criminally under-priced. The cool yet sunny hillside vineyards of the Atlantic northwest of Spain yield whites like the Burgans. Its punchy and persistent flavors of apricots, flowers, and lime can rival anything from California or from France - but at a fraction of the cost.  

2014 Terrazas Altos del Plata Malbec

A savory Argentinean red, and the ideal wine to serve with grilled meat. Many Argentineans consider asado (an assortment of grilled meats) their national dish, and often serve it with malbec. A gutsy red, the Terrazas malbec almost overwhlems with red and black berries that are framed by chocolate hints and herbal notes. Where’s the beef?  

2015 Commanderie de la Bargemone Rose

A perennial favorite and go-to for wine savvy enthusiasts. From the south of France, where the summer swelter demands a above all cool wine and the savory summer cuisine begs for a wine more robustly flavored than a white. Strawberries and cherries on the palate, with just a hint of aromatic herbs following. Its long, salty finish marries well with any grilled veggies, garlic chicken or whitefish you might serve on a summer evening.  

2014 Champalou Vouvray

Perhaps no region yields as vividly expressive summer sippers as the Loire Valley does. There, chenin blanc thrives, yielding everything from the driest sparklers to some of the world’s most decadently rich dessert wines. The 2014 Champalou is a dry still white that bears all the hallmarks of a Loire Valley chenin blanc: crisp red apples, quince, even a savory suggestion in the finish. Pair this one with a salad or any freshwater fish you might be grilling.  

2014 Seghesio Zinfandel Sonoma

Even among the wealth of top notch cuvees of zinfandel, those from Seghesio stand out. That burst of fruit is surely there - every zin worth its name overflows with fruit. What distinguishes Seghesio’s zin is its baking spice complexity and the caramel hints framing all. This hellbent/heavenly zin will delight BOTH the hedonist and the connoisseur. Serve with anything that you grill this summer.  

2015 Chateau Pradeaux Bandol Rose

A noble rose, from one of France’s finest estates. Bandol itself faces the Mediterranean, and therefore suffers not only in the summer sweter but also under the winds of the Mistral. Most vines will languish, but there Mourvedre thrives, yielding not only brooding reds but also savory and full-bodied roses like those from Pradeaux. Its red berry notes, blood orange hints, and savory herbs pair well with poultry and fish (especially grilled tuna), but don’t hesitate to serve it with flank steak if red meat strikes your fancy.  

2013 Nicolas Joly Savennieres Les Vieux Clos

A sumptuous chenin blanc, from one of the world’s most doting viticulturists. A former banker who covered the chemicals industry, Nicolas Joly did a 180 when he decided to cultivate the vine biodynamically. He avoids industrial fertilizers, choosing instead naturally cultivated composts for his vines, which yield some of the worlds most luxuriously textured whites. Red apples, quince, orange marmelade, almonds, savory herbs - all you’ll find in this sumptuous chenin blanc. Serve this with lobster.  

2013 Domaine Charvin Chateauneuf du Pape

Overpowering with red fruit, baking spices, and aromatic herbs - the heady, high-alcohol reds of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, despite their papal origins, are among the world’s most sinfully delicious wines! Charvin’s 2013 CdP is as sinful as the best of them, and also displays a silkiness that elevates it above most others. This will convert even the most jaded palate. Serve with any grilled meat.   Check out the Wine Hotline for updates on new wines, tastings, sales and more!