Spoetzl Brewery, brewers of the popular Shiner beers who share their name with the small, off the beaten path town in the heart of Texas, have released a new summer beer. No, the new Shiner beer is not a wheat beer or kolsch like so many summer beers are. It is also not the growing in popularity summer saison style either, rather, Shiner Smokehaus is a refreshing Helles-style lager.   At 4.89% ABV, Shiner Smokehaus is an easy drinker meant for a steaming hot Texas summer day. It has a fair amount of carbonation to go along with its golden straw color. Smokehaus has a smoky flavor, hence the name. This smoked flavor in a beer is considered an acquired taste and may not be for everyone, but we recommend trying a lighter smoked beer like Shiner Smokehaus rather than diving right into a heavy, dark, German smoked rauchbier.   It is always pleasant to see a brewery succeeding when trying something new. Shiner Smokehaus is the second new beer that Spoetzl Brewery has put out so far this year; the latter being a dopplebock going by the name of Shiner 100 Commerator. At $6.99 for a six-pack, Shiner beers are an economical choice and give some bang for the buck. If you are looking to experience more of the Shiner beers, another value buy is the Shiner 12-pack sampler.   Does anyone have any comments regarding smoked beers?