Ska Brewing wasnt prepared for the sensation caused by their early spring release of Modus Hoperandi IPA in cans. For about a month, it became impossible to find this beer around Chicago as hop-heads not used to seeing IPAs in cans devoured the initial shipment. Moudus Hoperandi quickly became Skas best selling package in the Chicago area, and hasnt looked back since.


Ska has decided to capitalize on the success that Modus Hoperandi has had, as well as the ESB in cans and the newly available and scrumptious True Blonde Ale in cans, by releasing a mixed twelve pack of these three beers. The variety twelve pack is due to hit stores sometime next month. Correct us if we are wrong, but we dont recall ever seeing a mixed 12 pack cans of beer, let alone the solid beers that SKA will be offering in the package. The package comes just in time for tailgate season.


We were pleased to learn that Ska is continuing its craftiness in cans by setting a next month release for Euphoria in cans. Euphoria is an American pale ale, and will no doubt fit right into the ranks of Skas impressive can line. It seems as if Euphoria is going to be a late fall and winter release only, so be sure to try it while you can.


Ska is a true pioneer in the Chicago market as far as craft beer in cans goes. We all want to see more craft beers cans, but for many micro breweries the cost of canning beer is too colossal. Hopefully with our continued support of craft beer in cans, we will start to see more high-quality beer available in cans. Will you be bringing along a twelve pack of Ska to Soldier Field this season?