Shorts Brewing Company from Bellaire, Michigan has a surprise for all of us Chicagoans.  Sometime this week a single truck from the brewery will be jam-packed with some of Shorts best offerings and sent on its way to Chicago.  This will be a onetime event, as Shorts will not be sending anymore beer to Chicago besides what is on the initial truck.  You will be able to find the lions share of the Shorts shipment at Binnys, and you will see the following Shorts beers on our shelves later this week:


Short's Huma Lupa Licious IPA


Shorts's Bellaire Brown


Short's The Magician (American Amber Ale)


Short's Soft Parade (Fruit Rye Ale)


Short's Pandemonium Pale Ale



Dont miss your opportunity to try the stellar line of beers from Shorts.  You will have to travel to Michigan to acquire Shorts beer if you dont take advantage of this one time blessing that the brewery is giving us beer lovers.  Will you be enjoying some Shorts later this week?