The Boston Beer Company has debuted The Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection at our stores, a brand new line of beers the brewery has been experimenting with. The series draws inspiration from Belgian Brewers prowess in the blending, aging, and conditioning of their beers.  The beers in the Collection have a secret ingredient:  Kosmic Mother Funk.  Kosmic Mother Funk is actually another beer that is blended into each of the beers in the Collection. What makes Kosmic Mother Funk unique is its blend of yeast and bacteria, inspired by Belgian brewers who spontaneously ferment with wild yeasts.


Like the name implies, each beer in the series is aged in barrels, but not just any old barrels. These barrels origins lie in eastern Europe, where they were then transported to Italy to be used in brandy making.  They then made a stop in Portugal, before ending up at the Boston Brewery.


Right now Binny's is featuring two beers of the Barrel Room Collection, New World Tripel and Thirteenth Hour. We are hoping that the the future eventually brings us the other two beers in the Collection, American Kriek and Stony Brook Red.  To see if your local Binny's has these in stock, email