Samuel Adams has debuted a new line of small batch, limited edition beers at our stores.  The series includes four offerings, a few of which are pretty obscure styles, even considering today's ever evolving beer culture.


Tasman Red IPA   Bold and Lively with the grapefruit, piney and earthy character of Tasmanian hops balanced by a smooth and roasty malt backbone with hints of toffee.  This flavorful brew is rounded and smooth with a dry and citrusy hop finish.


Third Voyage Double IPA Bright and intense with a vivid hop punch.  We were inspired by Capt. James Cook whose 3rd voyage made him the first to navigate a treacherous route from England to New Zealand to the Pacific Northwest.  Using Cascade hops from each of these regions we created a brew that's citrusy, earthy, and full of bold character.


The Vixen Chocolate Chili Bock Dark, rich and enticing with a spicy kick.  This cocoa colored brew is full-bodied, roasty, and slightly sweet.  The smooth richness of dark cocoa is blended with cinnamon and the subtle spice and heat of chilies for a flavorful and vibrant brew.


Griffin's Bow Oaked Blonde Barleywine Golden in color and wine-like.  Flavors of honeysuckle and grapefruit are layered with toffee, vanilla, and the distinct character of toasted oak.  This unique take on a barleywine surprises with its smoothness and balance of fruit, hop, citrus, and warming strength.


Currently the majority of our stores have these beers in stock, but not for long.  Be sure to check your local Binny's soon if you wish to sample one of these interesting brews.