When it comes to familiarizing yourself with a new style of beer, I enjoy the off the beaten path, concept. I find it is an important way to educate yourself becauseyou choose not to go with conventional wisdom. This allows you to reach your destination, and your journey will put you in possession of a different perspective than your fellow man. Hopefully on your way there, you didnt wade into that huge thatch of poison ivy.

Lets look at saisons for starters. A traditional saison will be light in body, with a tight mix of many things. It will be tart, bitter and sometimes a little fruity. Notunlike a fresh lemon curd or comedian Daniel Tosh.

Saison de Pipaix is a unique selection from this style. It pours a light tan color and possesses a lower carbonated, almost still quality. Flavor-wise, it reminds me of thebest unpasteurized apple cider you have ever had; rich and satisfying, but not sweet. Mix in a yeasty, brown bready body to give it some depth of flavor and also to showcase the delicate grainy properties of the beer.

It is brewed with a blend of spices ranging from orange peels, pepper, ginger, coriander, roast chicory and curacao, which gives an interesting complexity. Those subtleflavors were on display as it warmed up in the glass, with delicate and slightly bitter orange tea flavors as well as soft floral notes and a hint of lavender.

Matching this with food would take us back to the brown bread. This would be a classic pairing with most sandwiches, although, a grilled cheese made with turkey andEmmentaler and prepared on a hearty brown bread would be a good place to start. (Dont forget the brown mustard!)

In any beer style, the standards will always be there for the drinking. But until you seek out something a little more esoteric, you might never know what will scratch youritch.

Currently Saison de Pipaix is only available at a handful of our stores.  To see if it is available at a Binny's near you, email Kyle@binnys.com.