Does any brewery have a wider variety of beers than Rogue?  Besides the 35+ beers listed on their website, Rogue has several beers slated for release this year.  This is in addition to the beers they have recently released, which include Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale, Double Mocha Porter, and John John Juniper Pale Ale.  We had a chance to try a few of the new offerings from Rogue in the recent weeks.


Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale is the third beer of the Chatoe Rogue series, which will eventually culminate in October with the release of the fifth ale in this series, Wet Hop Ale.  What makes this series of beers unique is that the hops and malts they are brewed with are grown on Rogues own appelations.  For this reason, they are in limited supply.


Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale is brewed using only four ingredients:  dare Malt, revolution hops, free range coastal water, and pacman yeast.  It poured a light golden color, with a huge cream filled head.  It was light to medium bodied, and an easy drinker.  We all agreed that we thought it was a bit more bitter than the 35 IBUs indicated on the bottle.  Some bread flavored malts provided a backbone to the earthy and grassy hops.


John John Juniper Pale Ale is the second beer in a collaboration series between the master distiller of rogue and the brewmaster of rogue (both of whom are concidentally named John).  This one was slated for a May release, but it is already on many of our shelves.  Instead of being aged in Rogue Whiskey barrels like the initial beer in the series John John Dead Guy Ale, John John Juniper Pale Ale is aged in Rogue Spruce Gin barrels.


We would later find out that the Double Mocha Porter is a beer with an alias.  Rogue has been brewing this beer since 2007, but under the name of XS Imperial Porter.  In 2010, Rogue changed the name of beer and also changed the packaging from the heavy ceramic jug bottle to a vibrant blue glass bottle.


Rogue will continue the trend of flooding the market with their beers this year, with beers like Oregasmic Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale, and John John Hazlenut Brown Nectar scheduled for a 2010 release.  For a full 2010 release schedule for Rogue, click here.  Which one of the plethora of Rogue Ales are you looking forward to trying?