Many beer enthusiasts know that Rogue Brewery in Oregon brews over 30 craft beers. What some dont realize is that Rogue also makes six different spirits: two gins, three rums, and a whiskey. The two head honchos of Rogue, brewmaster John Maier and spirits master distiller John Couchot, have teamed up in the creation of a brand new series of beers called John John Ales. This series will consist of classic Rogue Ales aged in Rogue Spirits barrels. The first in the series is Dead Guy Ale aged in Dead Guy Whiskey barrels, and it has hit many of our stores this week.


We were glad to see a few cases of John John Dead Guy arrive at our Willowbrook store, and of course a few of us had to bring bottles home with us. Our interests were peaked at the prospect of enjoying a whiskey barrel aged maibock for the first time (Dead Guy Ale is a maibock).   The label has a real picture of both of the Johns on front, a little different than the usual cartoonish people that appear on the front of Rogue bombers. John John pours a deep amber orange color. The nose is filled with loads of malt, as well as a strong whiskey presence. Whiskey is all over in the flavor too, and this beer is a bit boozy for 6.4% ABV. Loads of caramel malt with hints of vanilla are all over mid palate. The hops are apparent on the finish, and leave a lingering bitterness that doesnt fade until the next sip.


It is nice to see a whiskey barrel aged beer that isnt a huge stout, in this case a maibock. It also is pleasant that this offering is fewer than ten dollars. That being said, we still think it would be fantastic if the next beer in the barrel aging series was one of Rogues bigger stouts, such as Shakespeare or Chocolate Stout. Production of John John seems to have been limited to 1357 cases, so it remains to be seen as to whether all of our stores will be getting it in. What beer would you like to see next in Rogues barrel aging John John series?