Rogue Brewmaster John Maier has brewed 21 different beers for the 21 years of the Oregon Brewers Fest.  For this years festival John crafted a batch of Olde Ale, called 21 Ale, scheduled to only be brewed this single time.  Brewed with 14 different ingredients, 21 Ale utilizes hops and barley grown by the Rogue Brewery.  The beer clocks in at a very drinkable 8% ABV.

21 Ale will only be on draft at 21 different locations throughout the United States, including only one spot in the Chicago area.  However, 21 Ale will be available in the Chicago area exclusively at Binny's, in 25.4oz black ceramic bottles.  Look for the liquid to arrive at most Binny's by next week, but in very limited quantities.  It shouldn't be very hard to guess how many cases of 21 Ale there are to go around.  To see if Rogue's newest offering will be available at your local Binny's, email