From the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery, a brew that marks the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot. Arguably the world's longest standing food safety act, it famously stipulated that brewers could use only three ingredients: water, barley and hops. While it was later amended to allow for yeast, it stands as a testament to brewing the highest quality examples of Germany’s classic beer styles free from coloring, flavorings and other adjuncts. It's no easy task to craft a fine beer with only a handful of ingredients; the Weihenstephaner 1516 is proof that it can be done.  



Weihenstephaner 1516

Weihenstephaner 1516 is a limited edition kellerbier, an old Bavarian favorite famous in Franconia. The malt profile on this lager is similar to an Oktoberfestbier, with rich biscuity aromas and toasted malt and caramel flavors. Earthy noble hops provide a nice dry finish. Stop by your local Binny’s and pick up a six pack while supplies last.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!