Fourth of July: Backyard barbeques, family fun, and sunburned cheeks. But most importantly, a cold beverage in hand. Enjoy your Fourth (in the shade) with our recommendations below after the jump. And check out the stellar sale we have for the holiday.  

Binny's Fireworks Sale


Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon

This gem from Ghost Pines is a beautiful blend of ripe Napa and Sonoma County cabernet grapes. Full-flavored and fearfully structured, this cab screams to be paired with grilled vegetables and spicy meats. For the price, it would be silly to pass up.  

Veterans Beer


Veteran Amber Lager

The Veteran Beer Company are a bunch of heroes. Other than their legal department, every single person employed at the Veteran Beer Company has served our country. Pretty cool, huh? Besides providing post-service careers to many veterans, they also craft great tasting beer. Next time you stop by Binny's, support our veterans and pick up a six pack.  

Chateau Ste Michelle Sauvignon Blanc Horse Heaven Vineyard

All we need on a hot summer day is chilled wine in our glass - like this savory and crisp sauvignon blanc from Chateau Ste Michelle. Whether you lay poolside, check out the local town's parade, or hit up a concert in the park - pack a bottle of this sauv blanc in your bag. You'll thank us later.  

Jim Beam Operation Homefront


Jim Beam

Bourbon. No other spirit expresses America more than bourbon. By purchasing this special package from Jim Beam, you also support Operation Homefront which provides recovery assistance to wounded warriors and relief to military families.  

Chandon Summer


Chandon Blanc de Noirs

If you're a fan of Dom Perignon, then you'll love this limited edition bubbly. Moet Chandon is the parent of both Dom Perignon and Domaine Chandon, so you know it's good. The nautical packaging captures the spirit of summer and pairs well with a variety of foods. Get your hands on a bottle or two soon as it will only be available in the summer months.  

Cedar Ridge Single Barrel Bourbon

Earlier this year, we ventured to Eastern Iowa to pick our latest batch of Handpicked single barrels. These Handpicked bourbons from Cedar Ridge are great to share so if you plan on hosting people or venturing up to a crowded lakehouse, take a bottle or two.  

Chicago Cubs Wine


Chicago Cubs 100th Anniversary Wine

What's more American than baseball and wine? Baseball themed wine! This pair of wines recognizes Wrigley Field's 100th Anniversary. The red blend is balanced with hints of spice and dark chocolate while the chardonnay is super fresh with crisp green apple and pear flavors. Celebrate America's proudest day and commemorate Wrigley's 100th Anniversary!  

Goose Island 312 Pale Ale


Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale

This pale ale is one of the newest additions to Goose Island's ever-growing lineup. It's full of earthy notes and has a hint of citrus sweetness. If you haven't tried it yet, make sure you grab a case or two on the way to your Fourth of July celebration.   For more Independence Day ideas, check out our Red, White and Brews Pinterest board.