Salty, sour and spicy - welcome to the wild side of the craft beer scene. Gose, pronounced “Go-zuh”, is another obscure European beer style that was all but lost until American craft brewers breathed new life into it. Gose is a tart, sessionable wheat beer that is spiced with coriander, so fans of Belgian Wits and Berliner Weiss will find some familiar flavors here. The defining characteristic of Gose is that it’s brewed with salt and it’s this salty minerality that makes it such a distinctive style of beer. While it may not be for everyone, when done well it can be a wonderfully refreshing palate cleansing brew that is perfect for the coming warm weather. Here are some excellent examples. Let us know how it goes.  

Binny's Gose


Victory Kirsch Gose

Poured into a chalice, Victory’s unique twist on the Gose is truly a beauty to behold. Bright crimson in color and crowned with fluffy white foam, the nose is filled with notes of lemon zest and fresh baked cherry pie. A surprisingly well-balanced mixture of sweet and tart cherry with just a touch of salt on the finish. If you’re hesitant to give Gose a try, this is the place to start.  

Destihl Here Gose Nothin'

Based in Bloomington, Illinois, Destihl is making a name for themselves by brewing up a whole slew of different sour styles. Like the very first examples of the style, Here Gose Nothin" undergoes wild spontaneous fermentation, resulting in some funky flavors and aromas that pair well with a bright lemony notes and tangy tart mouthfeel. The finish features a salty minerality with a touch of sweet spice.  

Anderson Valley Briney Melon

Anderson Valley knows Gose. Briny Melon is their third riff on the style and it’s another successful take. Ever salt a slice of fresh watermelon? Anderson Valley captures the flavor of that summertime staple in their new Briny Melon Gose. This light and fruity refresher is a perfect partner for fruit salad.  

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Brewed with grapefruit and the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, Otra Vez is a wonderfully aromatic brew bursting with flavors of raspberry, guava and honeydew melon. Like all Gose it’s tart, but the fruitiness provides a bit of balance, making this a wonderfully refreshing interpretation of the style. While supplies last receive an Otra Vez glass with purchase of a six pack!   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!