Iowa says "No" to Adult Chocolate Milk. Binny's Says YES.   Does music make wine taste better? We always did like to pair Scotchand punk rock. See, this sort of research gives fuel to those asserting that wine writing, wine appreciation, wine itself is a fraud. To us, it solidifies what we already know: experience, taste included, is subjective.   Dr. Vino asks if retailers still need scores on their shelves. We like to include scores on our shelves. We'd rather talk to youpersonally, but we get requests for scores from shoppers all the time.   Bordeaux to take back the word Claret. Expect the word on labels starting with the 2012 vintage.   Arkay - a Whisky flavored N/A drink. Sounds gross. No ETA yet. Will let you know when we hear more.   Thoughts?