The official release date for Potosi Brewing Company at Binny's has been confirmed to be the week of May 6th. The Wisconsin based brewing company's initial launch into the Chicago market will include five beers, available in 6-pack bottles:   Good ‘Ol Potosi Golden Ale "Good Old Potosi is golden ale that is purposely brewed to taste like a lager. It will appeal to all beer lovers but particularly those desiring a lighter bodied beer. The aroma starts with toasted grain and flows into a sweet finish. GOP pairs well with any and all food." Snake Hollow IPA "Snake Hollow is a West Coast style IPA. It's a medium bodied beer with a pine and citrus aroma that results in a slight hint of a grapefruit flavor and a lingering bitter finish." Pure Malt Cave Ale "Potosi Cave ale is brewed as a hybrid of three English beer styles. It provides a bit more body than Good Old Potosi and has a light caramel aroma and flavor that follows through till the end. Regardless of what you're eating, like wine, beers can be enjoyed with almost any food." Gandy Dancer Porter "Gandy Dancer is a robust American porter that has a French roasted coffee aroma without a burnt flavor. It starts with a medium caramel body that flows into a milk chocolate finish that results in many a light beer only drinker crossing over to the dark side. This beer pairs exceptionally well with braised meats to chocolate desserts." Steamboat Shandy (seasonal) "Steamboat Shandy is a light bodied golden Ale blended with pure cane sugar and 100% real lemon juice. There is no artificial flavoring and, thus, it has a very clean finish. It's not too sweet but provides for a refreshingly crisp and clean beer that can be savored anytime of year. However, during those hot summer days, I'll bet you can't drink just one." [gallery ids="4475,4474,4473,4472,4471"]