Port Brewing has released Panzer Imperial Pilsner into Illinois. This is the latest of their extreme beer line to hit Binnys shelves, and it is a dandy. Like their 3rd Anniversary Ale and other beers that Port has recently unleashed upon us, Panzer Imperial Pilsner will be a limited offering. This is evident from a variety of reasons; including the fact that Port has a habit of not listing any of their limited beers on their website.   Be sure to get your hands on a bottle before it is too late.


Upon entering our tasting glasses, we observed a thick and hazy golden brew. The nose leans towards the hoppy side, as spicy, lemony, and citrusy hops dominate the faint sweet malt aroma.    The flavor of Panzer is very unique; it is almost like a pilsner on steroids mixed with an IPA. A sweet and floral flavor loaded with pale malts is the first sensation to hit the palate. A mild bitterness leads into the bone dry finish. Where this beer really shines is the masking of the alcohol, as the group was shocked when told that it clocks in at 9.5% ABV. Lets just say that our group of four made short work of the 22oz bomber.


We recommend giving this style a shot if you havent already, because tasty Imperial Pilsners dont come around very often. And when the admired ones do hit the shelves, such as Sam Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner, they are gone in a heartbeat. Port Brewings Panzer Imperial Pilsner is an excellent example of the style, and shouldnt be overlooked. What is your favorite Imperial lager?