Warm weather is here and it's time to start drinking Rosé. Our shelves are starting to see many new ones arrive. Most Rosés are dry, refreshing and great with food. The colors of Rosé vary between pale salmon to translucent purple. The color of the wine is determined by how long the skins sit with the juice. The Saignée method (bleeding) is done when a winemaker chooses to reduce his or her red wine. The pink wine is removed from the soon-to-be red wine and fermented separately.

Ice cold beer is tough to beat on a warm day, but Rosé is a nice change of pace. I think it would be funny, but appropriate to drink Rosé on a golf course. After a bad shot, cursing and trying to chop down a tree with my 9-iron would seize. I would just have a sip of Rosé and go hit my next shot (from the sand.) Anyway, below are some new arrivals we've tried and also some old favorites.

This comes from Mendocino County. It is very ripe, well balanced and refreshing. You get a lot of Pinot Noir flavors, but the fruit is more tart and lively. It is a well made wine and the price is down considerably from a few vintages ago.

This has been my favorite Rosé under $10 for the last couple vintages. It is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Noir and Grenache Gris. The nose is very ripe, with watermelon, sweet raspberry and also a wet clay tinge. It is light bodied, medium-high in acidity and fruit forward. It is a great bottle.

This is another favorite Rosé under $10. It is made from mostly Garnacha, (Grenache). It has a deep pink color. The nose is ripe, with tart raspberry, strawberry, and it is very peppery. It has medium acidity, a light body and would pair nicely with anything from salads to pizza, or anything off of the grill.

As far as sparkling wines under $20 you will not find many that are better than this. Besides it's refreshing acidity and tart, ripe berry fruit, it has a nice, chalky, mineral driven finish. It is very well made and is a great, great value.
Pretty soon, we will be screaming for winter.  Help stave off the heat by drinking rosé.