One of the newest breweries to Binny's is Perennial Artisan Ales, a small-batch brewery hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri. Recently, the Chicago Tribune declared Perennial Hommel Bier as their beer of the month for July. Spicy Belgian yeast meets citrusy and fruity Pacific Northwest American Hops in this hybrid brew. Refreshment comes from both ends of the beer spectrum in this balanced and flavorful offering. Perennial beers aren't yet available at all Binny's, so check with your local store. Bottles of Perennial beers are available exclusively at Binny's in the Chicago area.   Other Perennial beers to try: Black Walnut Dunkel Weisse – This brew is crisp, smooth, and malty with just a hint of walnuts. It is a flavorful dark beer that won't fill you up.   Saison de Lis – This saison is brewed with some chamomile, and it shows, but never overpowers the subtle flavors of the hops and yeast in this Belgian-style hot weather quencher.   Perennial beers on the horizon: Violet – A Belgian style tripel brewed with pluots, a hybrid cross between an apricot and plum.   Fantastic Voyage – A milk stout brewed with coconut, perfect for enjoying with dessert or even a cigar.