It's December. Are you busy? We're busy. Too busy for full articles. So here are Passing Shots instead. For more news from the whiskey world, head to the Whiskey Hotline.  

    New bottles from the revered independent bottler Cadenheads are back at Binny's, including what might be the oldest Littlemill we've ever seen. Also new bottles from Blackadder. Costly, rare, in low supply.   Also AD Rattray and Signatory, including Binny's Handpicks and other Chicago exclusives.   Remember Maurin Quina? Now we have their Vermouth, too. Use them to make good cocktails better.   Maurin-12-4-2013You can now get your hands on Blue Hanger from legendary London merchants Berry Bros. & Rudd. This is the 7th release of the super limited, highly regarded blend, and the first to hit the US.   Speaking of BB&R, their rare Penny Blue XO Rum is newly arrived, and will be a hit with rum collectors. Can you believe it's only our second rum from the island nation of Mauritius?   Collingwood 21 year old Canadian Rye is here. You might snicker at the cologne-looking bottle, but rye this old for under sixty bucks is a fantastic deal, no matter how the bottle looks.   journeyman-12-4-2013Michigan's Journeyman is starting to seriously catch our eye. It doesn't hurt that their new BA Bilberry Black Hearts Gin arrived at the inexpensive end of this rapidly ballooning category.   Everything is different, but the same. Things are more moderner than before. Bigger, and yet smaller. It's computers. San Dimas Joven Mezcal rules!   From one of a handful of independent distilleries actually operating in London, comes Sipsmith London Dry Gin. Small producer, small production, and about as British as it gets.   Cruzan has unleashed their new Estate Diamond Rums, light and dark rums aged at least five years. They're solid, fresh, mixable rums that aren't flavored like fruity candy.   trinity-12-4-2013Absinthe fiends, listen up. Trinity Absinthe just arrived at Binny's. This Colorado cult absinthe is still only available in a handful of states.   Kringle Cream is a thing. It's from Wisconsin, and it is in season right now.   Buzzballz is also a thing. In other news: the TTB may be understaffed.   In Johnnie Walker news, the new Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition bottling is here. Just as we were sitting on a rare stockpile of their now discontinued Gold Label.   The first two releases from Lost Distillery Company are here now. Cool concept: they recreate best-guess examples of how long-shuttered distilleries would taste today. Watch for more soon.   boss-hog-12-4-2013High-end Vermont rye producer WhistlePig releases even higher-end rye, calls it The Boss Hog. Single cask, barrel strength, delicious.   Last month we mentioned BroVo. Round two is already rolling in, featuring (among others) a collection of Amaro hand flavored by elite Chicago mixologists.   New from Few: Malort, which is aptly titled "Anguish & Regret." Super limited, but we couldn't not talk about Malort.