This rare blended Scotch was once a secret available amongst a small and elite society, but now everybody can get their hands on Syndicate 58/6. While bottles last.   Rundlets and Kilderkins? Silly names for barrel sizes, for sure, but the whisky isn't funny: this Hazleburn is the perfect dram: light and refreshing.   Very, very old Armagnac from Delord, Dartigalongue.   For the fourth or fifth time in six years, we're excited to pass on news that Bruichladdich is ready to stop all the oddball bottlings and launch a core line, including the new The Classic Laddie.   Who shot JR? Here's your chance. The essence of oil tycoon in a square bottle.   Turning to environmental responsibility: Parce Rum plants a tree in Colombia for every bottle sold. The rum itself is delicious too. Check it out.   It's the world's second best selling whisky, and you might have never heard of it: Officer's Choice. From India, it's at select Binny's now.   Add some spice to your life.   We've been anxiously waiting for this for over a year: Taiwan'sKavalan single and vatted malts are finally here. Their Solistexpressions are choice.   DSP 162 is the original Distilled Spirits Plan number of Germain-Robin. So when we saw the new DSP vodka line, we knew it would be special. If anybody is going to get vodka right, it's these guys.   Speaking of Germain-Robin... what could be geekier than single varietal, single barrel brandy?   Bigallet Viriana China China is finally on our shelves. This is cool. It's the French response to Italy's Amaro. Aromatic and spiced, big herbal and orange peel bitterness with caramel sweetness.   There isn't much of The Last Drop to go around, and it's pretty expensive to boot. But it comes highly rated, and it's an incredible blend. Luxury.   A frequent request: yes, we have Roger Groult's Commemorative D Day 70th Anniversary Calvados.   A trifecta of things we love: NOLA, coffee, liqueur.   New from Captain, 1671 Commemorative Blend. The bottling celebrates the devastation and capture of Fort San Lorenzo by Henry Morgan, one of the most ruthless and violent men in history. Also the loss of his ship, the Satisfaction.   The return of an old favorite: Marnier XO. Once called Marnier Lapostolle, this excellent Cognac is at the heart of the Grand Marnier base spirit.   They're here! Arriving Friday, we can once again offer exclusive Binny's bottles of all ten Four Roses Single Barrel recipes.     For more spirits news, check out the Whiskey Hotline.